Bankruptcy & Insolvency

If you or your business are facing financial difficulties and:

  • your creditors are threatening to take legal action against you, or

  • you have been served with a notice of statutory demand, or

  • you have received a bankruptcy petition, or

  • a bankruptcy order is already made against you

This may lead you to complex and devastating circumstances where your official receiver may seek to sell your properties and other assets. Ignoring your creditors and debts can further complicate your situation, therefore you need urgent expert legal advice.

Our team of specialist bankruptcy & insolvency solicitors has years of expertise and experience to assess your matter and advice you on implications of bankruptcy. We can advice on potential grounds to challenge the statutory demand and bankruptcy petition.

Our team of expert solicitors also provide advice and services to the creditors who wish to take bankruptcy and/or insolvency actions against individuals and organisations falling to pay their debts.

Our services include dealing with all aspects of:

  • Statutory demands 

  • Setting aside Statutory demands

  • Bankruptcy petitions 

  • IVA

  • Corporate insolvency


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